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The All-American Indoor/outdoor Football trainer

Take your Football training to the next level with the Fantom Throw Football Training Aid. The most convenient and efficient throwing and receiving football trainer for athletes at all skill levels. Our unique one of a kind design offers great throwing & catching drills for All Ages, Skill Levels, and Positions; providing athletes the opportunity to get better Indoors or Outdoors. Removing training deterrents such as: Time, Weather, Daylight, Space, & Time for Millions of American Football Players!

• Our football innovation allows the Fantom Throw Football Trainer to attach to any door, wall, fence, gate, or stationary in place structure providing the opportunity to train and get better like never before.

• Throw and Catch our innovative direct return football with seamless spiral rotation, permitting an effective, fun new way to practice throwing & catching a football.

• Detach the Fantom Football in seconds, and our included football can serve just as well as any other traditional football.

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